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It is the policy of this organisation to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, colour, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or disability.

All players will report to the club and also to attend training courses which will help develop the club and volunteers personally.

Compliance with all Club Rules and procedures at all times.

The Committee

Code of Conduct SPIDER-Y inc Leeds Spiders WBC and Leeds Rhinos WRL

The Club has a high profile and we must be seen by sponsors and members of the public to be setting an example and behaving professionally. By signing you agree to abide by the rules outlined in the BWB/WRL Code of Conduct and the BWB/WRL Equal Opportunities policy, and the following documents.

SY001 - SPIDER-Y Ltd Constitution
SY003 - SPIDER-Y Safeguarding Policy
SY004 - SPIDER-Y Health and Safety Policy
SY017 - SPIDER-Y  Equality Policy

Through signing this document and paying a subscription you will become a member of the Club.

As a member of the club you agree:

  • you are fully committed to the Aims and Objectives of the club.
  • you are fully committed to working with the other players, Court Staff and Committee members to achieve the aims and objectives of the club.
  • you will not use foul or abusive language, either on or off court, and be mindful of your behaviour at all times.
  • you will support and RESPECT decisions made by the Club Committee, Court Staff and Officials
  • you will respect and show consideration to the mental and physical well being of fellow members, – of all ages and abilities, and always show respect and courtesy, including abiding by the BWB equal opportunities policy, and I will support and encourage, less able members and the Junior Squad.

Any player issued with Technical fouls for bringing the club in to disrepute will be given a club fine of £10 payable immediately and possible match ban by the club.

  • you agree that if you have any grievances, complaints or disciplinary issues within the club,you will take them to the Club Committee.

you agree to attend every training session and match, on time, and wearing the correct kit (tracksuit bottoms or shorts - no jeans, open toed sandals, or low cut crop tops) unless there is a valid reason. If requested by the club named players must attend all training sessions and scheduled matches. you also agree to contact the Chairman or relevant person if I am unable to attend, failure to turn up for training or late arrival at games will result in being benched.

To always bring a drink and necessary food, with me to training sessions.

The consumption of alcohol by team members on the night/day before matches is at the discretion of the Team Coach/Manager/Captain.

  • you agree not to consume alcohol while attending training, matches or club events when clearly identifiable as a member of the club. (E.g. in Club Kit) this also applies to Smoking. (Again at the discretion of Club Officials)

The use of any banned substance as identified by the UK Sports Council is prohibited. (See Club Committee for more information)

  • you agree to pay the relevant fees for training and matches, you understand that not paying subscription fees and or training fees may affect my membership of the club and may result in disciplinary procedures being taken.
  • you agree to behave appropriately and within the rules during matches, and be respectful to all members of opposing teams.

The Club recognises that electronic communication is a fast and informal way of communicating. However, once a document or image has been sent there is no way to recall it and it exists forever. You therefore agree to exercise good judgment when using electronic communications, following the principles of ethical behavior. You will use appropriate language in all electronic formats, and not send messages that are harassing, defamatory, threatening, abusive or obscene to anyone, especially fellow members, opponents, or anyone having connections with BWB, RFL/WRL or other sports Governing bodies. Transmission, storage, promotion or display of offensive, defamatory, or harassing material is strictly forbidden. Furthermore you agree to report any situations where you become aware of the inappropriate use of electronic communication and social networking site
Any member found to be in breach of the club rules and regulations will be subject to a club disciplinary meeting and you may be asked to leave if conduct is found to breach club rules.


  • you consent to photographs, match reports and all items produced by SPIDER-Y containing my name or photograph to be used for the promotion of the clubs, (display boards, leaflets, website, press articles)
  • you consent to my details being kept on a database for the sole use of Club (for newsletters, club letters etc) – This information will not be passed on to any third parties.
  • Any member found to be in breach of the club rules and regulations will be subject to a club disciplinary meeting and you may be asked to leave if conduct is found to breach club rules.
  • you acknowledge that you have read and understood the above and accept that any breach of the above may render me liable to a club disciplinary meeting and you may be asked to leave if conduct is found to breach club rules.


We train all year round with exception of 2 weeks break at Christmas.

At Morley Leisure Centre LS27 9JP

Tuesdays 7pm-8pm   Basketball 

Tuesdays   8pm-10pm Wheelchair Rugby League


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