Wheelchair Basket Ball Rules BWB

The Game

Each team is striving to throw the ball into the basket of their opponents. The ball is played with the hands only and can be passed, thrown or dribbled in any direction.

The Team

Each team consists of up to twelve players, but only five may be on the court at any one time.


A basket scored from the field counts for 2 points, unless attempted from beyond the 3-point line, where it counts for 3 points. A free throw counts for one point. After a basket has been scored, the ball is thrown in FROM THE END LINE by the opposing team within 5 seconds.


A dribble is when a player with the ball bounces the ball and pushes the chair simultaneously or, places the ball on his/her lap, takes one or two pushes of the chair, bounces the ball, places the ball back on his/her lap, pushes once or twice, etc.

A player is forbidden to:

  • dribble the ball with both hands at the same time;
  • allow the ball to rest in one hand while dribbling;
  • push the chair more than twice whilst the ball is resting on the lap.
  • Penalty: possession is given to the opposing team. The ball is thrown into play from the sideline or end line within 5 seconds.


1. Personal Foul:
A personal foul is a foul by a player on an opponent involving contact with his/her person or chair.
Penalty: throw-in from the sideline or end line by the opposition.
2. Shooting Foul:
A personal foul on an opponent or opponent's chair whilst that opponent was in the act of shooting for basket.
Penalty: 2 free throws (or 3 if outside the 3 point line) awarded to the player fouled if they did not score as they were shooting; if they scored, 1 free throw allowed. 
3. Unsportsmanlike Foul:
This is a personal foul committed by a player who deliberately makes contact with an opponent with the purpose of preventing him/her from playing normally.
Penalty: 2 free throws awarded to the player fouled, unless the player was shooting and scored, whereas only 1 free throw awarded, followed by side-line possession.
4. 5 Fouls by a player:
A player who commits his/her fifth personal foul must leave the game. He/she may be replaced by another player.


The shooter takes up a position behind the free throw line (front wheels may be over the line). He/she must take the shot within 5 seconds. Other players (2 attackers, 3 defenders) may take up positions on the key markings around the restricted area. No other player may touch the ball until it touches the ring.


We train all year round with exception of 2 weeks break at Christmas.

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